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A reunion of athletes motivated us to create our Running Team!
Longing to meet each other again we participated in “Athens Half Marathon” Running Event. At the same time, training sessions were organized at Sygrou park and Tritsis park.

Our next race was… Kifisia Puma City Run at People Run 2015 and after that… the Marathon. A dream that came true!

We “showed” our identity with the first dry fit AthensTrainers® Running Team t-shirts!

AthensTrainers® pursues innovative ways to achieve the best personalized results with minimum effort.

In 2019, three years later, in collaboration with DNAFit®, we created the AthensTrainers® RUNNERS CLUB team supported by DNAFit®.

DNAFit® is an award-winning personalized health & wellbeing company using ground-breaking genetic science to user in a new area of nutrition, fitness and wellbeing.

Who can join our RUNNERS CLUB?
Every athlete amateur or professional, middle- or long-distance runner and any trainee who wish to improve his diet, lifestyle, physical condition, workout performance using a reliable scientific way.

AthensTrainers® RUNNERS CLUB members will receive a Personalized Exercise & Nutrition Program based on the results of their genetic analysis from AthensTrainers® Certified Trainers (DNAFit® Certified Trainers) with the support of DNAFit® Greece & Cyprus.

All members will participate in local road races including the Authentic Marathon & Half Marathon of Athens as well as in selected international races.

AthensTrainers® RUNNERS CLUB Manager: Varvara Solomonidou, CEO & Founder of AthensTrainers®
Coaches: Athanasios Tsigeroglou and Grigoris Dogas
Candidates will discuss with Mrs. Solomonidou about the most suitable registration tier.

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