What is the Pilates Method of exercise

It is a form of training practice named after the person who established it, JOSEPH HUBERTUS PILATES. It is a body conditioning routine, a set of exercises done on special apparatuses with springs which create resistance, as well as other exercises done on floor mats, with or without the use of equipment such as mini and large fitballs, magic circles, foamrollers, elastic bands and weights.

Benefits of the Pilates method of exercise

  • It builds a strong core from the inside-out.

  • It allows the spine to decompress.

  • The body muscles are becoming leaner.

  • It improves breathing.

  • It strengthens the abdominal and back muscles.

  • Body posture is becoming better.

  • It educates the body to think for itself.

  • It improves flexibility.

  • It enhances mental control and focus.

  • It improves co-ordination, motor planning as well as balance.

  • It improves the performance during sporting activities.

  • It improves everyday life.

  • It improves the quality of life.

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Certification of “AthensTrainers Ultimate Pilates System®”

The system was organized by Varvara Solomonidou, who started her training in Pilates method in 1998 (up until 2006 she had been “Pilates Coach” Master Trainer for Greece and Cyprus). Having studied many of the known Pilates systems and having as a base her knowledge and experience on every aspect of fitness and wellness, she founded the “ATHENSTRAINERS ULTIMATE PILATES SYSTEM®”. She gave her own “color and style” to the standard set of exercises with variations and modifications based on the body movement after taking under consideration the modern way of life (always in respect with the Pilates principles).

The system “ATHENSTRAINERS ULTIMATE PILATES SYSTEM® ” includes the following training modules:

  1. Basic Pilates Principles

  2. Pilates Anatomy

  3. Pilates mat work in 3 levels (beginner level, intermediate level and traditional programme)

  4. Pilates Fitball/Large ball in 2 levels

  5. Pilates with Magic Circle/Ring of Pilates in 2 levels

  6. Pilates with Elastic Bands

  7. Pilates with Toning Balls in 2 levels

  8. Pilates on a Semiball (dynaso, bosu, fitdome)

  9. Pilates with Foamroller

  10. STUDIO PILATES which includes

    • Mat programme Studio I & II

    • Reformer Studio I & II

    • Cadillac Studio I & II

    • Wunda Chair Studio I & II

    • Wall Studio I

    • Barrel Studio I & II

  11. Pilates during & after pregnancy

  12. Pilates and Breast Cancer

  13. Pilates 4 Kids

  14. Pilates & Osteoporosis

  15. Aerial Pilates®