AthensTrainers® provides Nutrition Diet services

Nutrition Diet services

Nutrition diet at your place

Personalized nutrition diet

AthensTrainers® provides Nutrition Diet services at your place

Body Composition

Body Fat Percentage

Body Composition and Body Fat Percentage at your place

A simple method that shows exactly your body fat percentage.


A diet program based on your DNA is what you are looking for. Use your genetic advantages, protect yourself from your genetic disadvantages and improve your health. Check out DNAFit ™ Test, and start a diet and exercise program according to your genetic background.

AthensTrainers® provides Nutrition Diet services at your place.
Our dietician-nutritionist creates a proper diet according to your needs and lifestyle.
Diet programs are based on your own schedule (7 days, 15 days, etc.).
Proper diet boosts your metabolism, reducing the extra body weight.

A simple method that shows exactly your body fat percentage. We can determinate whether you need to lose some extra weight by exercise or diet eliminating the development of obesity diseases.
This analysis will give you a series of results that include: Weight of your total body fat, Desired body fat percentage, Body mass index, Personal basal metabolic rate, Desired weight, Lean mass in kg and percentage of body mass, Liters of water in your body and percentage of body mass

In order to improve your health and lifestyle, our company suggests you to visit a doctor specialized in body weight management who will run some laboratory tests to evaluate your health condition. According to the results, we will create a proper diet and exercise program.

Deal with

  • Obesity prevention

  • Obesity

  • Childhood obesity

  • Gain weight

  • Clinical support

  • Anorexia – Bulimia

  • Prenatal & Postnatal Nutrition

  • Athletes’ nutrition

  • BMR calculator


I was desperate since I’ve reached 120 kilos, trying various ineffective diets. Now, with the help of your nutritionist, my weight is 80 kilos and I have managed to change my eating habits. This means that I will not gain weight again! Thank you!

Petros K.

AthensTrainers nutritionist helped me change my eating habits during a difficult pregnancy, without depriving myself from foods I love! Keep up the good work!

Konstantina L.

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