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Personal Training has lately become very popular in Greece as well. In the last few years most people mainly due to the lack of free time but also their desire to train where, when and with whom they wish have turned to personal training. So, it is up

to the Personal Trainer to create and formulate a program based on the bodily needs but also the goals of each trainee. Where team training is required, the Personal Trainer must ensure that the team is not only small but that its members have uniform goals as well

as characteristics. A Personal Trainer must first and foremost be organized, he must cooperate with a doctor, a physiotherapist and a dietitian but must be capable of giving first aid should it be required.

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Before any training Program begins each trainee must be evaluated with tests and measurements such to create the proper training schedule which should aim it:

  • improving the physical condition of the trainee

  • reducing the trainees’ body weight and fat percentage

  • increasing the trainees’ body weight and his/her muscle mass

  • improving the trainee’s posture

  • rehabilitating injuries

  • specialized training for people with breathing difficulties

  • specialized prenatal training

  • specialized postnatal training

  • improving the performance of Athletes

  • kids training

  • training women during the menopause or with signs of osteoporosis

  • senior training and training people who need special care and attention

  • Training people with cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine problems

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