The future of Health and Fitness is here. Discover the uniqueness of your DNA!

DNAfit® is a genetic test, that provides DNA analysis and reports on your individual genetic response (SNPs)  to different fitness and nutrition markers.

Just collect a saliva sample at home (or anywhere!).

You can easily make a DNAfit® test. Once you’ve received your kit, you’ll need to do a simple mouth swab and send your sample back to us, to send to the lab. Your sample undergoes genetic analysis and in 20-25 working days you will become DNAfit®.

Understanding your DNA profile lets you leverage your body’s strengths and weaknesses improving your health.

DNAfit® is a new trend in Health, Sport & Fitness area.

Adjust exercise and nutrition using your genetic background since long-term vitality and wellbeing should be personal.

It seems almost every day there’s a new diet and latest workout craze to help you tone up, grow muscle and improve body composition. So how do you make the right decision for your body?

DNAfit® is aimed for those who wish to manage their weight and physical condition more effectively since there will be a personal health consultant to create a personalized diet and exercise program that will achieve the best results.

On average, humans are 99.5% genetically identical. Small differences are those that make us unique. This explains why our response to nutrients is different. Our diet must be aligned with our DNA.

DNAfit’s report focuses on genetic markers that affect various biological functions such as:

But genes are not the whole picture, they don’t work alone and they don’t determine everything about us. Genes interact with our environment – and modifying the environment modifies our “phenotype” – the way we are.

Genetic results can help us understand how our body works and take control of our long-term health with personalized nutrient recommendations.

Genetic results can maximize and improve your performance. This means the training program should be planed according to POWER / RESISTANCE distribution that DNAfit® test revealed.


Since exercise & nutrition programs are not suitable for everyone…

Whether you’re looking to shape up, build muscle or just want to eat a little healthier, your genetics hold valuable information about the best way to do this, just for you.

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