Aspivenin: Venom Suction Device

From the first sting or bite, to avoid itching, pain and unpleasant reactions, there is a fast, practical and effective solution: ASPIVENIN®.

This patented medical device  is a product manufactured in France.


It’s a suction mini-pump which painlessly removes all injected venom from insects (wasps, bees, horseflies, hornets…), arachnids (spiders, scorpions, harvest ticks…), fish (weevers, scorpion fish…) as well as certain rash-inducing plants.

It has a double-chamber system with an extended locking piston which causes an instant and permanent depression of around 800 millibars, ten times buccal suction.

In the country, by the sea, in the mountains, hiking, playing sports, extreme adventures, tourism, leisure activities, daily life…. ASPIVENIN® pump is life !

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