Natural oral solution

A natural oral solution that contains  Greek herbs, ideal for those who follow a helathy lifestyle! It’s natural ingredients such as the  Greek oregano essential

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Sticky fascia

Sticky fascia is often the cause of many complaints. The fascia – also known as connective tissue – is often only considered in connection with

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6-Directions 6D Sliding

6 Directions  Sliding training kit for full-body workouts. They are specifically designed to target core muscle and increase strength and stability, overall mobility and injury

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Spine for Step

This spine corrector  is provided with a Velcro strap to be fixed to steps, so that it allows you to perform exercises aimed at activating

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Learn to relax more

Everyone experiences stress at some point or another, and in the short term it can help keep us motivated, meeting those crucial deadlines. Too much

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Avoid Toxins

Toxins can and do negatively affect every part of the body. Toxic effects on the brain include poor memory and concentration, erratic behavior, word confusion,

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Get plenty of sleep

Getting enough sleep is important for people of all ages to stay in good health. People often cut back on their sleep for work, for

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