Our philosophy

Our top priority is to help improve not just your overall physical health but your mental and spiritual one as well. We don’t merely focus on improving and prolonging the quality of your life but relieving and treating some of your problems, too. We stand by you throughout your training and your everyday life. We encourage you, support you, exercise you and… listen to you!!! Yes, we listen to what you say. We can offer you the kind of exercise program that suits you at the place of your choice. We are capable of using the equipment you possess or just train you only with your own body weight by using your home furniture, stairs, balls (small and large), resistance bands, etc. We are not a faceless corporation with franchise units all over Greece. We are a group of trainers who has the experience, the smile and the positive mood which are all needed in order to take you to the most beautiful destination, in the fitness world, with the help of a program especially designed from us just for you.

How it all began

It was an idea which some years ago was novel and unknown… perhaps unfulfilable. The results were excellent not only for our Company but also for all of you who placed your trust in us.

Our company is founded on the successful career and the knowledge of Varvara Solomonidou in the area of fitness… A career spanning over 20 years and which continues with ever increasing success. Varvara’s dominance in the areas of fitness and wellness is indisputable. She has taught us that the “key to success” is love and devotion for our chosen profession as well as our fellow human beings who are much more than a body with “muscles and bones”.

So we are a team of personal trainers, chosen and trained in the area of personal training by Varvara Solomonidou. We are not an impersonal company. Relying on our personality, the high level of knowledge and professionalism of all our associates we have chosen the “difficult path” which leads to success.

Everyone of us, with experience in the area of fitness, became member of this team so we can meet all your requirements.

We are determined to “sweat it out” with a smile and a cheerful disposition whilst maintaining absolute professionalism during all your training sessions to achieve maximum results for you.

The founder

Varvara Solomonidou
Varvara SolomonidouWellness Specialist
Varvara Solomonidou was born in Athens in 1967.Ever since she was a child she had an inclination for sports. By 1989, she was competing in the 200m sprint at a national level, graduated from the Department of Physical Education & Sport Science at the University of Athens (specializing in athletic throws)… Read more

Our services

Personal Training 100%
Educational Seminars / Certifications for Trainers 100%
Fit Smiling Kids 100%
AthensTrainers® Runners Club & DNAFit® 100%
Dietician Support 100%
Physiotherapy 100%
Massage 97%
Corporate events 100%
Adventure Weekends 100%