Educational Seminars

AthensTrainers® Educational Seminars

AthensTrainers® organizes high quality Educational Fitness Seminars designed for Certified TEFAA Teachers, TEFAA Students, Physiotherapists and Graduates of corresponding Foreign Universities Recognized by the Greek State according to the Greek Legislation.

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Master Trainers


Skeletal System: Basic information about the Skeletal System, All about bones and joints,

Muscular System: All about Muscle Fibers (types, structure, function), Types of Muscle Contraction, Cardinal Planes & Axes of Movement, Function of Skeletal Muscles.

Personal Trainer Manual: A very useful  resource for Fitness Professionals

Furthermore, you can choose any of the following training subjects which interests you based on your own needs in the area of Personal Training Seminars:

SPI® is a specially organized training program, accompanied by music, ideal for any fitness professional. The exercises include Powerbags, Medicine Balls, T-Bow®/Step, Kettlebells, Heavy ropes, Agility Ladders & Body Weight.

You can choose between the basic or the professional program.

Pilatesstick® is the most amazing fitness gadget, a portable body sculpting system and …not expensive…ideal for personal or group training at home, at pilates & yoga studios, at a personal training studio or a gym. Pilatesstick® seminar simulates many Pilates tower exercises including a variety of exercises.

Exclusive Training by AthensTrainers ®.

International Certification.

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AthensTrainers® presented for first time in Greece Aerial Pilates® system. It is a new approach of the Traditional Method of Pilates, but also a unique practice inspired by the popular Aerial Yoga.  We take advantage of the micro adjustments the body makes constantly because of the movement of the hammock. Both senses of proprioception and balance can heighten through practice. The range of motion in every joint is increased. This means better flexibility and elasticity.

٭ Mat I knowledge is required for attending any of the Pilates seminars.

٭ After-education required hours of personal practice aren’t included in the seminars’ duration. They are different from topic to topic and can be performed in our studio free of charge.


All you need to know about Water Exercise…

  • Become an Aqua Aerobic Instructor… Expand your knowledge in “swimming-aqua aerobic-muscle strengthening», the triptych of success.
  • Specialize your Pilates knowledge by becoming a certified Aqua Pilates

This seminar is a program of passive stretching exercises that under the guidance of the instructor helps the trainee to recover. Stretching exercises (especially passive stretching exercises) are necessary when someone is training.

AthensTrainers®provides YOGA ALLIANCE international certifications in:

  • 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Vinyasa & Hatha Yoga

In this dynamic course you will learn how to create sequencing and adopt the teachings according to the students’ needs.

Training our little friends

AthensTrainers® designs programs that aim to introduce our little friends to exercise through play inside and outside of the water!!!

The “Fit smiling kids” program includes:

Children are sitting around a lot more than they used to, spending hours every day in front of a screen. As a result, there is not enough physical activity in their daily routine.  Believing that physical activity is vital for children’s health, we created special exercise programs combined with play and fun.

These programs improve their physical abilities and help them to maintain a physical and mental health.

You can choose any topic you are interested in or all.