Chest press using ΤRX

Exercise of the week!

Starting Position

Stand upright, lean forward, face away from the anchor point, feet hip width apart, handles in each hand with your elbows extended



Lower body by bending arms while keeping body straight. Allow handles to come apart slightly to keep in-line with elbows flaring out.



Inhale while bending the elbows and exhale during extension

Bend the elbows until your wrists reach alongside the chest.

Keep your spine straight to avoid lordosis.

Keep your abdominals / PH / core engaged.

Angle of body affects difficulty of movement:Resistance is least when body is positioned upright and harder when positioning body more horizontal.

Feet positioning also affects difficulty of movement

Keep suspension straps as close as it is needed to avoid skin abrasion.


– Strengthens chest, shoulders and triceps

– Shoulder stabilization

– Strengthens torso / center / PH.


Movement can also be made easier with staggered foot position by placing one foot slightly forward


George Hadjipaschalis , Personal Trainer, AthensTrainers® Associate