An easy raw soup from Russia…

I’ve recently read a book called “health without drugs” from the writer Marina Pantouria which I found quite interesting and I I’ve decided to share with you easy tips, recipes and useful information about herbs…today: an easy raw soup from Russia…

Russian cuisine Recipes

Vegetables should be basic in our diet since they create bioenergy. However, during winter and spring vegetables’ vitamins are inadequate…how we can use those we have?

Here is an easy and nutritious recipe:

Tomato and cucumber soup

Slice tomatoes and cucumbers, parsley, dill, garlic and scallion, add a piece of unsalted feta, cabbage juice and sour milk. Without the sour milk you will have a delicious salad, adding the sour milk you will have an amazing soup.

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From Pantouria Marias book “Health without drugs”

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