I have back pain and generally all my body hurts due to poor posture at the office

What can I do?Poor posture is a serious issue for those who work at an office..

Here are some useful advices:

The computer should be right in front of you.

Place your seat at the appropriate height in order not to cause you any difficulty in your movements.

The chair rotation should allow you to turn your entire body and not just the head.

For the neck and back:

– Stretch your upper back

– Change position every 15′-20 ‘

– Chest stretch at the door

–  Stretch your upper back  on the back of your seat

– Increase the mobility of the cervical spine by turning your head forward or to the sides

– Strengthening with isometric exercises using your hands

– Stretching

– Increase shoulder mobility to avoid supraspinatusmuscle problems

– Head, neck, back alignment

– Massage to relax the muscles of the neck and upper back

Follow the above instructions to eliminate pain and improve the quality of your life.

George Chatzipaschalis , Personal Trainer, AthensTrainers® Associate

Body Magazine November 2017