The Greenpeace list of GM food at Greek Super Markets

Greenpeace published the list of GM products placed on the markets. It is very important to know the origin of the products we consume, especially when it relates to our diet.


So here is the official list of genetically modified products from Greenpeace !!

Attention! These products come or are likely to come from animals fed with GMOs.
This category also includes products made by companies who haven’t given clear answers and haven’t responded to the relevant  questionnaire.


Includes products made by companies that are committed to removing all GE or GE-derived ingredients from  animal feed but have not yet completed the process.


These  products  are made by companies that have removed  all GE or GE-derived ingredients from  animal feed

Green with •

Greenpeace has tested the certificates held by producers from their suppliers for using non-modified organisms in animal feed


  • Ananiadis Yogurt Desert
  • After School Choco Yogurt (FAGE)
  • FruYo Yogurt with cereal (FAGE)
  • Nouvelle (FAGE)
  • Caramele (FAGE)
  • Corn Flakes (TASTY)

Canned tomatoes

  • Brava Ketchup (Med Foods)

Pasta & Pasta Souses:

  • La Mediterranea (Eurimac)
  • Pasta Italia (Eurimac)
  • Macvel (Eurimac)
  • Tortellini (ΑBEZ)

Canned food:

  • Beef with peas (PALIRRIA)
  • Baked giant beans in tomato sauce (PALIRRIA)
  • Vine leaves stuffed with rice (PALIRRIA)
  • Sausages & peppers in tomato sauce (PALIRRIA)

Vegetable oils & Margarines

  • Corola (KORE)
  • Standard Seed Oil (STANDARD)
  • Union Soybean Oil (PAPOUTSANIS)
  • Eva (Greek Creations)
  • Mana Corn Oil (PAPOUTSANIS)
  • Mana Cotton seed Oil (PAPOUTSANIS)
  • Sogiola (KORE)
  • To lampero  (SOYA MILLS)

Salads/ Souses/Soups

  • 17 Delicatessen Farma (Olympus Foods)
  • 17 Delicatessen Mustard Sauce (Olympus Foods)
  • 17 Delicatessen Aubergine Salad(Olympus Foods)
  • 17 Delicatessen Russian Salad (Olympus Foods)
  • 17 Delicatessen Cheese Salad (Olympus Foods)
  • Brava Mustard (Med Foods)
  • Delicia Mustard (Med Foods)
  • Chef Grec Cheese Salad (Κούτρας)
  • Chef Grec Russian Salad (Κούτρας)
  • Chef Grec Cod Roe Salad (Κούτρας)
  • Chef Grec Tzatziki (Κούτρας)
  • BEM Aubergine Salad (BEM)
  • BEM Russian Salad (BEM)
  • BEM Cod Roe Salad (BEM)
  • BEM Tzatziki (BEM)

Ice Creams:

  • AGNO

Cheeps – Snacks:

  • Cheetos (Tasty)
  • Doritos (Tasty)
  • Foudounia (Tasty)
  • Lay’s (Tasty)
  • Pitsinia (Tasty)
  • Ruffles (Tasty)
  • Tasty Snacks (Tasty)
  • Tsakiris Chips salted – πάπρικα (TSAKIRIS)
  • Tsakiris Chips salted – ρίγανη (TSAKIRIS)

Bread – Toast:

  • Ferro Breadsticks garlic (FERRO)
  • Ferro Κριτσίνια με σουσάμι (FERRO)


  • Kreitton Chicken  RED
  • Leivaditis Chicken RED
  • Saramourtsi Chicken RED
  • Sarsyr Chicken RED
  • Ptinoparagogi  Chicken ORANGE
  • Sinko Chichen ORANGE
  • Agios Ioannis Chicken -HQF GREEN
  • Mimikos Chicken -HQF GREEN
  • Fresh Chicken – Papamikrouloi Brothers GREEN
  • Poultry Association of Arta GREEN
  • Golden Eggs-Zouras Farm GREEN
  • Aggelakis Chicken  GREEN•
  • Vlachakis eggs  GREEN•
  • Galanos Chicken GREEN•
  • Kelaiditis Chicken GREEN•
  • Klimentzos Chicken GREEN•
  • Mega Farm Eggs GREEN•
  • Nitsiakos Chicken GREEN•
  • Ornitha Chicken GREEN•
  • Pindos Chicken GREEN•



  • Carnation-Nestlé RED
  • Dolca-Nestlé RED
  • Neslac-Nestlé RED
  • Lurpak-Arla RED
  • Cream Cheese Νatural Buko-Arla RED
  • Mister Cheez – triangle cheese -Friesland RED
  • Nounou milk-Friesland RED
  • Nounou sour cream-Friesland RED
  • N’Joy-Fage RED
  • Fage fresh milk- Fage RED
  • Fage feta cheese-Fage RED
  • Fage sour cream-Fage RED
  • Agno sour cream-Agno RED
  • Agno dairy – Agno RED
  • Agno fresh milk – Agno RED
  • Vigla cheese products- Vigla RED
  • Delta sour cream –Delta RED
  • Delta Μilkο-Delta RED
  • Delta feta cheese –Delta RED
  • Delta fresh milk – Delta RED
  • Dodoni feta cheese –Dodoni RED
  • Dodoni fresh milk –Dodoni RED
  • Epirus feta cheese- Epirus RED
  • Telemes glitsa – Epirus RED
  • Kolios cheese products –Kolios RED
  • Kolios fresh milk- Kolios RED
  • Mevgal sour cream – Mevgal RED
  • Mevgal Topino – Mevgal RED
  • Mevgal feta cheese – Mevgal RED
  • Mevgal fresh milk-Mevgal RED
  • Pindos cheese products – Pindos RED
  • Rodopi cheese products –Rodopi RED
  • Rodopi fresh milk –Rodopi RED
  • Alpino butter –Alpino ORANGE
  • Alpino cheese products –Alpino ORANGE
  • Alpino feta cheese –Alpino ORANGE
  • Thassos cheese products -Trouliaris ORANGE
  • Cretalat milk Kriaras GREEN
  • Cretalat cheese products –Kriaras GREEN
  • Twinko-Evrofarma GREEN
  • Evrofarma fresh milk -Evrofarma GREEN
  • Evrofarma cheese products-Evrofarma GREEN
  • Delfi mizithra cheese –Delfi GREEN
  • Delfi feta cheese –Delfi GREEN
  • Doukidis sour cream- Doukidis GREEN
  • Doukidis cheese products –Doukidis GREEN
  • Doukidis feta cheese-Doukidis GREEN
  • Neogal cheese products –Neogal GREEN
  • Neogal fresh milk-Neogal GREEN
  • Olympos fresh milk –Olympos GREEN
  • Olympos cheese products –Olympos GREEN
  • Pagonis cheese products –Pagonis GREEN
  • Sergal fresh milk –Sergal GREEN
  • Tyras cheese product –Tyras GREEN
  • Tyrko cheese product –Tyrko GREEN
  • Naxos cheese products Koufopoulos GREEN
  • Koukaki milk – Koukakis Farm GREEN
  • Koukaki cheese products –Koukakis Farm GREEN
  • Koukaki yogurt –Koukakis Farm GREEN


  • Algida Παγωτά-Unilever ΚΟΚΚΙΝΟ
  • Αγνό Παγωτά-Αγνό ΚΟΚΚΙΝΟ
  • Δέλτα Παγωτά-ΔΕΛΤΑ ΚΟΚΚΙΝΟ
  • Δωδώνη Παγωτά-Παγωτά Δωδώνη ΚΟΚΚΙΝΟ
  • Κρι-Κρι Παγωτά-Κρι-Κρι ΠΟΡΤΟΚΑΛΙ


  • Algida ice creams -Unilever RED
  • Agno ice creams –Agno  RED
  • Delta ice creams –Delta RED
  • Dodoni ice creams –Dodoni  RED
  • Evga ice creams –Evga  RED
  • Kri Kri ice creams –Kri Kri  ORANGE


  • Β.Ι.Κ.Ι bacon – Β.Ι.Κ.Ι RED
  • Β.Ι.Κ.Ι parizer -Β.Ι.Κ.Ι RED
  • Β.Ι.Κ.Ι salami -Β.Ι.Κ.Ι RED
  • Zlatis delicatessen-Zlatis RED
  • Boss steaks -Boss ORANGE
  • Boss souvlaki -Boss ORANGE
  • Primo sausages -Primo ORANGE
  • Primo mortadella -Primo ORANGE
  • Primo salami -Primo ORANGE
  • Ananiadis sausages  ORANGE
  • Anadiadis parizer ORANGE
  • Ananiadis salami ORANGE
  • Bekka ham- Bekka  ORANGE
  • Bekka sausages – Bekka ORANGE
  • Bekka salami –Bekka  ORANGE
  • Nikas susages –Nikas ORANGE
  • Nikas parizer – Nikas ORANGE
  • Nikas salami -Nikas ORANGE
  • Ifantis sausages -Ifantisς ORANGE
  • Ifantis bacon -Ifantis ORANGE
  • Boss Hamburger-Boss GREEN
  • Creta Farm ham-Creta Farm GREEN
  • Creta Farm parizer-Creta Farm GREEN
  • Creta Farm dry salami -Creta Farm GREEN
  • Dianik sausages  -Dianik GREEN
  • Dianik mortadella -Dianik GREEN
  • Dianik bacon-Dianik GREEN
  • Bekka turkey -Bekka GREEN
  • Edesma sausages -Edesma GREEN
  • Edesma parizer – Edesma GREEN
  • Edesma salami – Edesma GREEN
  • Thraki parizer -Thraki GREEN
  • Thraki picnic-Thraki GREEN
  • Thraki ham -Thraki GREEN
  • Kaernika delicatessen – Karnika GREEN
  • Passias sausages -Passias GREEN
  • Passias parizer- Passias GREEN
  • Passias salami –Passias  GREEN
  • Ifantis meatballs -Ifantis  GREEN
  • Ifantis pastrami –Ifantis  GREEN
  • Ifantis turkey -Ifantis GREEN
  • Nikas smoked turkey -Nikas GREEN
  • Nikkas mutton-Nikas GREEN


  • Smoki trout -Smoki GREEN
  • Smoki salmon -Smoki GREEN
  • Nireus seabass -Nireus GREEN
  • Nireus seabream-Nireus GREEN
  • Nireus colias -Nireus GREEN•
  • Colias -Xifias GREEN•
  • Pilchards-Xifias GREEN•


  • Ithaca sea food RED
  • Nafplio fish farms RED
  • Lion fish farms GREEN
  • Neptunus GREEN
  • Octopus GREEN
  • Sea Farm Ionian GREEN
  • Simi Fish GREEN
  • Selonta GREEN
  • Sparfish fish farms GREEN•
  • Galaxidi fish farms GREEN•
  • Hellenic fishfarming GREEN•
  • Evripos GREEN•
  • Agia fish farms GREEN•
  • Crete fish farms GREEN•
  • Kefallonia fish farms GREEN•
  • Ichthiotrofiki hellas SA GREEN•
  • Koronis fish farms GREEN•

Those food contain GMO according to Greenpease


CHRIS, AthensTrainers® Associate

Source: greenpeace