Research related to fitness benefits with T-BOW® training

Research carried out by D. Hugener and S. Reidt about the TBOW showed interesting results for their studies at the ‘lnstitut für Bewegungs- und Sportwissenschaften’ Institute of Movement and Sports Sciences at the ‘Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule’ [Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ)] Switzerland.

During their study of a group of male and female adults the T-BOW was used twice for 45 minutes as a training device during an 8 week period. The condition was that the test person had not been training regularly (or no more than once a week).

The test measured the results for the heart and cardiovascular system, strength and balancing abilities. A marked improvement in all areas was recorded, shown by comparison of the results at the beginning and end of the course.

Measurements for heart and cardiovascular system:

Resting pulse.
Pulse after 2 mins. fast walking, 2 mins. jogging, 2 mins. fast jogging.
Recovery pulse after 1 min., 2 mins.
Time for pulse to reach 100 per min. again.
Endurance Improvement after training (HR as indicator): 5-10 beats/minute lower pulse rates and faster recovery in tests when course finished

Measurements for strength: dynamic movements.

Abdominal muscles.
Back muscles.
Pectoral and triceps muscles.
Leg muscles (stretching).
Muscles at the side of torso.
Muscles that stabilize torso.
Strength improvement after training: 20 – 95%.

Measurements for ability to balance:

Balancing for 20 secs. on a wooden plank crossways and lengthways without holding on to something or the plank touching the floor.

Balance improvement after training: 30% average.

Furthermore, the participants were questioned about subjective criteria. All participants unanimously declared the programe to have been integral, very varied and most enjoyable. Many said they had arrived tired but emerged from the training fit and energized.

Subjective feeling after the T-BOW training: everybody had a lot of fun and a great bodyfeeling after the training.

The T-BOW training was also compared to other group trainings. The integrity of the program was very obvious. There is to date no other training program with just one piece of equipment, which engages heart and cardiovascular exercises together with training for

balance, strength and mobility.

The increased radius of movement for the abdominal muscles on account of the curvature of the T-BOW has also been proven. However, further studies with more people are necessary to confirm these results and guarantee objectivity and reliability.

Surveys at fitness and leisure centres and schools showed that stacking the T-BOW in relatively small spaces is considered as a big advantage.

Hugener, D. and Reidt, S., 2005-2006.
Institute of Movement and Sports Sciences de la Universidad de Zurich.