Woodcutter’s/woodchopper ‘s movement in the center with powerbag

Powerbags are sacs, look like small punching bags with customized handles at various positions. Thus handling and execution is much more easy for a variety of exercises. The sand inside them, causes an instability during the execution of exercise. This improves neuromuscular coordination. Powerbags are available in a number of different weights and sizes for any level of physical condition.

The following exercise, imitates a movement performed by a woodcutter during cutting wood. It is a functional movement and  a core and back strengthener with a twist. It combines explosiveness and swing at the same time.Concentration, control and proper technique are necessary during its execution.

Start in an upright position; follow the steps from 1 to 4:

1.  Legs are a little opened than shoulder-width apart.

Feet are in a diagonal position and knees are in the same direction as toes.

Keep your torso straight while you hold powerbag from two vertical central handles

Keep your arms outstretched , above and behind the head

powerbags 1a

2. Inhale and during exhalation you begin to lower the powerbag(keeping the arms outstretched) rotating it so it passes between your legs in a vertical position. Bend your legs “explosively”  during the downward movement.

powerbags 2

3. When the bag pass beneath feet, inhale give a push with feet and come to the starting position following the same route.

4. Repeat on the other side

powerbags 1d

Points you need to pay attention at :

  • Keep your  torso straight with the chest open during exercise.
  • Powerbag follows an orbital motion while keeping the center of gravity on your   legs.
  • Bend your legs “explosively”  during the downward movement.
  • Control the upward movement for your shoulders protection.
  • Inhale on the upward movement and exhale on the downward movement.
  • This exercise is suitable for intermediate and advanced trainees. Increase the powerbag weight if you execute the exercise properly.

Grigoris Dogas, Personal Trainer, Seminar lecturer, AthensTrainers® Associate