A letter from your liver

Hello … I am your liver! I will tell you how much I love you:

  1. Save the iron and keep it for as long as you need it, so do many vitamins and trace elements. Without me you would not have the power to live.
  2. I help the gallbladder digest the food. Without me you would not be there.
  3. I detoxify the poisonous chemicals you give me, namely alcohol, beer, wine and drugs (both prescription and non-prescription drugs) as well as illegal substances. Without me your “bad” habits will kill you.
  4. I store energy, like a battery, from the accumulation of sugar (carbohydrates, glucose and fat) until you need it. Without me the levels of sugar in your blood would fall dramatically, causing you to fall into a coma.

In the morning you wouldn’t be able to get out of bed if I did not work!

  1. I create the blood that is in your body before you are born! Without me you would not be here!
  2. I build new proteins that your body needs to be healthy and grow. Without me you would not grow naturally!
  3. I remove the poisons in the air, the smoke from the exhausts and the various chemicals you breathe. Without me you would be poisoned by the dirt!
  4. I generate compact grains that stop bleeding when you are injured. Without me you would bleed to death!
  5. I help you defend yourself against germs that penetrate your body all the time. I get the microbes causing the cold, the flu virus and the other microbes you face and kill them or at least weaken them. Without me you would be condemned to die from any infection known to man.

So much I love you! Do you, however, love me at all?

Sent by our friend Helen

Source: www.insurancedaily.gr