A walk to the ancient path of Agios Vlasios

On Sunday, February 11, 2024, “AthensTrainers ®”, “Athens Physio” and and many Galaxidians walked  for the 1st time  the “ancient path of Agios Vlasios”.

Parallel goal was the revival of old Galaxidian customs, which are related to some local religious events.

Guided by Mr. Konstantinos Zervas, we passed the Loutsina Aqueduct, Traces of ancient Chaleion settlements, Chapel of Agios Vlasios, The Holy Monastery of the Metamorphosis of Sotiros and the Holy Trinity Chapel.

Mr. Nikos Karatzas, cardiologist doctor, his wife Mrs. Sila Karatzas and Mr. Panos Valavanis, professor of archaeology honored us with their precence

We found useful information about the ancient path and Galaxidi from Mr. Nikos Karatzas’ site.

As soon as we arrived at the Church of Agios Vlasios, Mr. Panos Valavanis provided us useful information about the history of the city.

Arriving at the the Metamorphosis of Sotiros, Mr. Spyros Barliakos, the president, welcomed us. The Local Community,  the local councilor Mr. Konstantinos Zervas and the employees of the Municipality, took care of cleaning the path to the  Chapel of Agios Vlasios for us.

We visited the  “Nautical & Historical Museum”, where the curator Mrs. Maria Evangelou spoke to us about the important work of Mr. Nikolaos Karatzas and Mr. Panos Valavanis and then unraveled the history of the local Navy.

We also visited two of the captain’s houses in the area, since one of the nicest ways to get to know a place is to visit an old house and hear its history from its owners. Mrs. Voula Manoloudi and Mrs. Stella Senduka welcomed us and told us about the history of their homes and family.

We headed to the Holy Church of Agios Nikolaos, the city’s landmark, where Mr. Leonidas Katsoulis, the “keymaster”, was waiting for us, opened the doors of the church and told us about the history of the church.

Finally, we visited the Church of Agia Paraskevi, on the floor of which the zodiac-sunflower is carved while on the outside of the entrance there was a sundial, forming a unique solar calendar. Mr. Leonidas explained us its function.

Our action was also honored by the president of “Estia  Agios Nikolaos”, Mrs. Giovanna Kambouri, a inique  woman.

We would like to thank all those who accompanied us and those who contributed to make it happen.