About “simplysitting”

Crafted from 100% solid, sustainable American Cherry heartwood, simplysitting’s ‘sweet seat’ is an evolutionary leap in design.

Unlike rigid, flat, two-legged benches, the seat is self-centering and curved for comfort . The revolutionary, patented, pedestal leg is so stable and perfectly balanced it will stand on its own.

The seat promotes perfect posture and allows for full, expansive breathing as it supports you weightlessly. Its ingenious design allows you to roll gently in all directions and out of any discomfort.

The ultra lightweight package breaks down in one swift, snappy magnetic motion, and tucks into a rugged, handmade merino wool sleeve for easy portability.

How the seat works

By balancing over the seat’s pivot point, our spine naturally settles into perfectly stacked vertical alignment for a uniquely pleasant, “floating but grounded” sensation.

Perfect posture becomes the path of least resistance and the spine feels lifted, not compressed. The awareness of our core gently engaging to support us, unites our body and mind, roots us in the present moment, and creates a simple, strong and stable foundation for focused meditation. While sitting, our muscle memory takes notes as we develop a peripheral and constant awareness of where our spine is and we carry this upright sensation with us throughout the day.

In short, the “sweet seat” makes us want to sit down, once we are sitting we tend to want to stay there, and when we get up we are changed for the better!

Varvara Solomonidou,Wellness Specialist, Personal Trainer, Seminar & Conference Lecturer, Pilates Master Trainer “AthensTrainers® Ultimate Pilates System®”, Member of European Lifestyle Medicine Organization (ELMO), DNAFit®  Certified Trainer, General Manager & Owner of AthensTrainers®

More info: www.simplysitting.com