Amazonia Acai Energy Smoothie Pack

I tried a smoothie at Liberty Breakfast Room in Mykonos.When I asked for more info, the waiter showed me Amazonia Acai Energy Smoothie Pack.

And I ‘m sharing a smoothie recipe from the site…

Brazilian Super Smoothie


2 Amazonia packs (Pure or Energy) ½ banana 300ml almond milk 1 tbsp chia seeds


Superfood trail mix, sliced banana & chia seeds


Blend together at high speed until thick and smooth. Serve immediately and top with garnish.


Varvara Solomonidou,Wellness Specialist, Personal Trainer, Seminar & Conference Lecturer, Pilates Master Trainer “AthensTrainers® Ultimate Pilates System®”, Member of European Lifestyle Medicine Organization, General Manager & Owner of AthensTrainers®