Aquarius Zodiac Sign

And here we are!!!, The period of Aquarius enters dynamically after the period of Capricorn… God bless us… ah!!! … What kind of wind will blow?? He is an air sign as you see!!! New ideas, innovative ones…that he wants to believe in!!! I think we should let him think so. We should not bother him…he  does not impose his ideas on us!!!


Dear  friend Aquarius, you have a “big” heart and you are humanist….

We must have a way to get closer to him and advise him… as he is a very stubborn person and he wants his own way even though he knows he is wrong and he will fail!

We know  that the food is not very important in your life … Yes, yes, we know that you’re a busy guy with revolutionary ideas. You run all day long  helping your friends, you investigate the unexplored and mysterious phenomena and you conclude at the end that the aliens certainly visited us!!!

You are a carefree and careless type… bohemian would fit you better!!!

Nevertheless, a  beautiful  restaurant setting and menu would impress you…. especially  if it is combined  with a high standard of quality …  you know about quality … Oh yes, you wouldn’t deny  going even to the fast food if it is a good one!!! We respect  the power of your mind and  your ideas for  life, we acknowledge that you’re a special person … although you have many insecurities  you do not let them show …

although you say that others do not understand you.

Because we understand you and we know that you are an undisciplined person but very smart one… we know that you already “edit”  this …we will make an effort to put you into the process to think what  we recommend you. So here what we say:

There comes a time that some problems which you will definitely not want to acquire, as cardiovascular problems, will come for person who does not fit in one place, a person like you dear  friend . Therefore we advise  you to add vitamin B and E to your daily menu, cereals, fruit juices and fruits such as figs, apples, strawberries and pears.

Plenty of yoghurt and dairy products for your calcium, ocean fish, shellfish and seafood would be nice for your  phosphorous which will help your fantastic  mental capabilities … we told you that you are a brain guy …. and the salt. Yes, yes you read well, the salt. Your biochemical salt is the sodium chloride in other words, the salt. This does not mean that you have to eat salty foods but you have to eat foods which have salt themselves such as cabbage, spinach, radishes, carrots, corn, lentils and others.

Here an information which your mind can “edit” it… you are the donor of the water in the zodiac cycle and you are deprived of moisture in your body? …. Stekouli and immortal are very good herbs for you. Stop drinking too many coffees, rating eggs and fat because you have a tendency for increased cholesterol.

And now you entered  the process of thinking about your diet, think about a little more the exercise. All the people say that you are the cicada of the zodiac cycle,  that you sit and gaze at the whole winter and when the summer comes you remember of your abs, and your lineage …

how do you expect to make an appearance on the beach ? How will the opposite sex notice you? how will they admire your body shape ? And how will you conquer the opposite sex ? You are a little…how can I say it… you are very friendly with the opposite sex …. you make many friends… Ok, we would not suggest you organized team sports because we respect that you want to create the rules and you do not  enter into molds and congratulations for that!!!

But you can exercise with running, walking, kite or plane flying which suits you …. think about it … and because you do want to improve your health and your body and because you are innovative and you have a free mind, we would propose the “new age therapies” as use of crystals, of color and of herbs. The dance of course will give you a freedom of the movement and of the expression. Of course, if you have a tendency to be socialized through a sport, the polo and the basketball are very good for you!

Our friend Aquarius, we believe that we did not bother you …we have just had a spiritual discussion with you… we gave you a brain exercise.

We admire you because you live in your own way and laws. We know that you will fight until the end, without concessions. This time the result will not be a failure!!!!

Article by Kyriaki Solomonidou


Editing by Varvara Solomonidou

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