AthensTrainers® at Mykonos Run 2017

Mykonos Run 2017 took place on Saturday 23/9/2017!!!

The course – 150 m. longer than last year- was planned in order to run through important and historical places of the island.

AthensTrainers® Running Team participated earning many distinctions, specifically :

Drakopoulos Dionisis- 9th place 10km 45:36

5km men :

Tsigeroglou Mateo -2nd place in general rank and in men rank (1975)20:30

Tsigeroglou Thanasis -5th place in general rank and in men rank (1963) 22:29

5km women:

Panagopoulou Antonia – 2nd place in women rank, 10th in general rank (1984) 25:24

Solomonidou Varvara – 4th place in women rank, 17th  in general rank (1967) 26:59

Tzeliou Maria 67th place  (1970) 42:41

Maravelaki Argiro- 68th place   (1972) 42:41

Congratulations to all!!!!!!!!