Autumn time….challenge accepted!!!

Getting back into a workout routine quick and easy!!!

Autumn ….the atmospheric season…!!!

Cooler temperatures … goodbye  summer …hello  fall. Back to basics. The truth is that you need time to build your daily routine after summer but finding time to exercise can be a challenge. Consider your fitness goals and start a fitness program in combination with healthy diet. Motivate yourself and brink back your shape and physical condition after the “laziness” and the irregularities of the summer!

Don’t waste time…!!!

Give to your body what it needs…the best performance ever. How is this going to happen? Following a body weight training challenge, containing dynamic, strength and condition exercises. That is the way you will increase your metabolism, you will reactivate all your muscles, you will improve your endurance and for sure you will prepare your body for more demanding workouts.

1st  combination:  Knee lunges – butt kicks


Stand straight up with your feet flat on the ground, hip-width apart. Take a big step backwards with your right leg. Lower your body until your right foot touches the ground, toes first. Keep your knee joint  at 90-degree angles. Return to your starting position by pushing off the floor with your left foot . During the way back, drive your right knee forward on the same line with your hips. Repeat the reverse lunge for 15 reps and switch the leg. Then stand with your legs shoulder-width apart and arms either down by the side of behind on top of your pelvis. Bent your left knee behind you so it touches the glute, return that leg to the floor and repeat with the right leg. Perform 30 reps quick butt kicks running.

2nd combination: Rotational Chop – Cross Jumping jack


Stand with your feet wider than your shoulder and knees slightly bent. Join your palms and stretch your arms on the same level with your chest. Concentrate on using your abs to twist your body from one side to the other for 20 reps. Continue from a standing position with your feet shoulder-width apart and extend your arms straight out to either side with palms facing down. Jump and cross your right foot over your left and on the same time drive your arms close to your body. Then cross with the opposite foot. Continue alternating sides and repeating this movement until you complete 20 reps.

3rd combination: push up – climber running


Complete 8- 10 reps of push up ( kneeling push ups is the best option for novice trainees), stay on  push up plank and drive alternate  your knees towards your chest for 30 quick reps.

4th combination: abs single leg stretch – isometric boat


Lie on your back and place your hands behind your head. Keep one foot flat on the floor and Lift the other up to 90 degrees (knees bent). Lift your head and shoulders off the floor as if performing a crunch and on the same time extend upper leg straight in front of you with your toes pointed. Repeat the exercise for 12 reps in every leg. Then stay on lying position and lift both of your legs up to 90 degrees (knees bent). Lift your torso off the ground by curving your spine and placing stress upon the rectus abdominus. Once you get to the maximum “crunching” position, extend both of your legs and hold for 10 to 15.

Warm up is necessary before starting the program .  Have a few minutes of easy spot running, mobility exercises for hands and feet and stretching. Each combination is repeated two to three times depending on your fitness level. Finish your workout with stretching for entire body.

If there is an  injury or other features before you begin any form of exercise, consult your doctor.

Grigoris Dogas, Personal Trainer, Seminar lecturer, AthensTrainers® Associate


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