A small in-ear device that increases sound quality and reduces stress.

Increasing sound quality while…

• Listening to loudspeakers

• Under headphones

• At concerts

• Listening to car stereos

Reduces stress while…

• Travelling / commuting

• In noisy areas

• Any other use where you want a calmer environment

• May reduce symptoms of tinnitus


Calmer reduces resonance (distortion) by using a tiny waveguide inside our ears that removes the effect of the Concha. The Concha is the small shell shape that connects to our ear canal which normally resonates mid frequency sounds.

By removing this resonance, Calmer dampens the most common alert-triggering noises such as phone alerts, dogs barking, tube trains, slamming doors and sudden loud vocal noises. Also, mid frequency sounds have none of their normal painful aspects.

Calmer is made from a durable soft-touch silicone and is designed to fit all ears. A worlds first in audio technology means that Calmer dampens unpleasant frequencies in sound that results in two huge benefits.

There are two main uses…

• Lower stress levels by removing the common trigger points that usually keep us on edge (phone alerts, sudden loud vocal sounds, dogs barking etc).

• Improve your audio experiences by removing a natural resonance found in our ears.


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