Duck walk…

Walking like a duck…at the beach…. 

Are you wondering how you’ll keep your legs in shape during summer?

Off course squats is a popular exercise which can be combined with duck walk for greater results. All you need is your body weight and 10 minutes of your time before enjoying your swim!!! … Let’s start!

Standing position with feet shoulder-width apart.Lower your body as far as you can by pushing your hips back and bending your knees. Engage leg and core muscles and then return to starting position….15-20 reps

Once you’ve finished the last one, just stay low and … it’s time to feel your gluteus and legs burning out … move like a duck, keeping the 90 degree angle on your knees and walk 16 to 20 steps before returning to the upright position. You have not finishedyet … 3 more reps and you are ready for a cool dip in the sea !!!

Grigoris Dogas, Personal Trainer, Seminar lecturer, AthensTrainers® Associate