Everything in its time… diet and creams in December

Welcome December!!!! It is Christmas time!!!!!!!!!!! December is a happy month!!! Let’s see what the experts advise us for the diet of the last month of the year….

December governs the salty phlegm. During this month do not eat cabbage or serizon or skimbron…. What are these? Probably serizon is the endive or chicory and the unknown serizon is water mint….who knows?….Anyway you can eat leek and mallow which are very good and all dry foods too. Now, what about meats…. Among meats, no deer or goat or wild boar or wild goat.

All other meats of animals and birds may eaten, lean, served hot, boiled and spiced, including sucklings. Do not forget, our ancestors adored eating sucklings. Hot sucklings are very good food in this season….it is winter time… Among fish eat any except the more watery ones, corkwing and gobies, but do not eat scaleless fish. In using spices prefer the bitter tastes. Take fenugreek soup in moderate amount, young green olives in brine (kolymbades), olives in honey vinegar. Drink old light, aromatic wines.

What about the baths and the creams this month?…. Eight baths…. Yes!!!!! Eight baths, using ointment containing aloes and myrrh….the smell is perfect…..Wash off with wine and sodium carbonate. And of course, make love!!!!

A whole year passed….and this is the end…Of course as you see our ancestors did not eat water melons in the winter…. Remember this, keep only the good habits…the right diet helps in wellness…eat everything in its time….

Kyriaki Solomonidou, Pilates Instructor, Fit Smiling Kids Administrative Manager, AthensTrainers® Associate

SOURCE : TASTE OF BYZANTIUM (The cuisine of a Legendary Empire) Andrew Dalby.