Everything in its time… diet and creams in May

Here we are…In June…(On rising), swallow three small doses of cold water, slowly, and then fast until the third hour. Choose all relatively cold foods, in moderation and avoid the more bitter and dry flavors, such as, pepper, cloves, cinnamon and spicy products.

Among garden herbs garlic, onion, leeks, radish, rocket, cress, mustard and chopped oregano, mint. Savory and butcher’s broom to be avoided. Among meats, rich lamb or kid. Prefer the meat of male animals, and do not take any fat. They should be pastured or milk-fed lambs. No spicing is required at all, except coriander, spikenard and anise. Take oregano, moderately. Avoid drinking any kind of soup. Among birds, eat hens, chickens, young brakata pigeons, roasted and served hot. Take aromatic and anise-flavored condita and light wines with hot water.

Among fish, eat all the rich-fleshed ones including wrasse, perch, gurnard, sparaillon, daurade, grouper, gobies, and all soft-fleshed fish…nothing else…Lettuce, endive, white celery, dressed with squill vinegar to be taken moderately. Copious amounts of lettuce dim the eyesight. Among fruits, eat white cherries and cucumbers moderately.


Eight baths in the course of this month, no skin lotion at all this month…Ointment and soap, of the same ingredients, until the 21th of the month. No love-making….

This is not the end of the world….Happy news are coming…so stay here with us… Stay cool…

Article by Kyriaki Solomonidou, AthensTrainers® Associate

SOURCE : TASTE OF BYZANTIUM (The cuisine of a Legendary Empire) Andrew Dalby.