Everything in its time…baths and creams in March

Meals are very sweet in March … but what about beauty?

I do not know how to tell you…but don’t think about too much honey! Soaps remain the same, made with soda solution in wine. If you made many bars of soap…you can use them this month too!

Anyway, my dear friends, the creams were different  … Do not think about creams and emulsions with honey, cinnamon and clove. These were for the food menu… The smell of cinnamon and  clove in the food had filled the whole place…  The smell of  aromatic wine that they used was not so intense… so they wanted to make a difference!

Concerning the creams, I haven’t  heard  any news from you…. Do not tell me that nobody tried it even once?  I believe that you were surprised and  lost your voice, especially those who dared after bathing to do those naughty “activities” … What can I say? I told you, only the brave ones could do that.

For those who did not try it, I consider them as clever and cautious… on the other hand, I think, if nobody risks in his life, he will not learn anything!!! Columbus risked his life and discovered America … and many others who brought humanity  steps ahead!!! You  think this is different …you are right, I do not blame you and I’m on your side … these are not experiments….

I’ m talking too much…let’s get to the point. They recommended six baths in March as in the previous month … I do not understand…I think something is wrong. The weather was warmer …why is the number of the baths the same? … No comment … As for  the creams I am a little confused … Experts advised that they should put oil all over their body three times  a month, especially on Tuesdays. There is no myrrh or aloe.

In the other three baths, on Fridays, they should use only water. I’m very confused …   What could  the water do to prevent the awful smell of eggs in the emulsions? … You remember the water had a strange smell ….I don’t know…

Finally, they advised that that the “naughty” activities should be done in moderation … I would advise you not to do that… because in the end, the results will not be very good…

May March be a month of rest…

Do not be disappointed, the best is yet to come … April is coming… so stay with us!!!

Article by Kyriaki Solomonidou, AthensTrainers® Associate

SOURCE:  TASTES OF BYZANTIUM: The cousine of a legendary empire, Andrew Dalby