Everything in its time…the diet in April

Welcome April!! I think you will agree April is a very “sweet” month!!!

Let’s see what the experts advised for the menu of this month.

This month one should avoid radishes, mint, capers, pepper, basil, savory and all bitter flavors…I told you that April is a sweet month… Among meat choose those that are rich and well-fleshed lambs that are grass-fed, not sucking, but that have been suckled by their mothers, and they may be young males or castrated…suckling kids…lean meat well boiled. With this take gravy moderately spiced with spikenard, green coriander and a little pepper…the fruit o safflower because it relaxes the bowels…you know what they meant…

Avoid pork…not even smell it…You have eaten too much of it the previous months…Now what about birds… You can eat hens, male chickens, white pigeons, ducks and geese…lean meat well boiled. With this take gravy moderately spiced. Serve sweetened, while still hot.


Sweet food and sweet drinks in this month!!! Among fish, bass, syakia, daurade, pagre in a little well-spiced sauce…wrasse, perch, gurnard, scad, oblade, and to speak simply, all tender-fleshed scaly fish are to be eaten fried, with a little spiced sauce. Avoid all dried pulses…only fresh pulses may be eaten…

Eat orach, dill and coriander, all green and lettuce, which requires moderate dressing in squill vinegar. Also eat garlic cloves with olive oil and salt and a little leek…I think this smell was in the air of the whole town… Also avoid dried fruits and drink highly aromatic anise-flavored and white wines…

I think everything was fine…except the garlic cloves…What can I say? ….

Stay tuned…baths and creams are coming!!!

Article by Kyriaki Solomonidou, AthensTrainers® Associate

Source :  “Tastes of Byzantium” by Andrew Dalby