Female touch…taurus

We welcome the Taurus woman the lovely hosts and this is true you adore home and everything in there! Persistent and materialistic you are always busy creating things yes you are very practical especially in the kitchen you can do wonders! Indulge in the making of jams and marmelades ornate the jars snd display them so everyone can admire them. You are faithful and patient you have the ability to listen. You can spend the whole day doing housework!!! You are the traditional and conventional type of person who likes tidy and  organised place.

tauros 1

You need spaciousness and luxury in your life and since you are not the pathfinder and innovator you choose earthy colours like beige, brown, maroons and pastel nuances for your bedroom and living room with a lot of organic materials like wood mostly in a rustique style. Throw big cushions in order to have a cosy feeling. Create a corner with frames of your loved photos. Add also a comfy feel at home with a persian carpet.

tauros 2

As for your dinning room where you feel the queen you know better than everyone else make your gests feel at home. Your magic touch reach your garden or veranda with the colourful pots and flowers on inspiring arrangements.

tauros 3

For your bedroom match light blue with brown and last but not least give a Japanese breeze to your bathroom that will help you relax and don’t forget take good care of yourself and beauty!

tauros 4

Naughty female Gemini are coming next…. Stay tuned!!!

Article by Kyriaki Solomonidou, AthensTrainers® Associate