“Fit Smiling Kids”….The trendiest program for kids in Greece during the past five years

AthensTrainers® is a company that specializes in providing wide range of Fitness and Wellness services. A parallel activity of AthensTrainers® the design and running of  events with specific programs which are related to specific groups of people and take place in any open or enclosed place.

Such a program is the “Fit Smiling Kids” program

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Games, dance, discipline gymnastics… four elements of physical education sport  as these appeared in the history of civilization. In Evgenios Fetsi’s book (1953),  gymnastics is referred to a “Gift of God”. Its purpose is not the teaching of certain movements for the development and strengthening of the body. It is also the “ training of the body” with which a child will be helped  to become aware  that its soul is an element interlined with its body.  From this point, (as parents most of us) we have been motivated  and have organized within the team of AthensTrainers® the “Fit Smiling Kids” program.

  • We are worried the child obesity has increased in recent years in Greece.
  • We are uninvolved in the fact that children adopt the lifestyle of adults both in student life as well as in their spare time. “A healthy mind in a healthy body” but…does it?

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Our aim is :

  • The education in basic movement ( sitting, running, rhythm and direction changes)
  • The development of natural capacity (general strengthening, coordination, sync, elasticity, balance and kinesthisis)
  • Obtaining a good body posture-orthosomia
  • Cooperation and team spirit(for couples and groups)
  • Developing self- confidence (each child is a young athlete)
  • Living a better life…Wellness!!!! We use a variety of equipment depending on the purpose or theme of each hour sporting activity such as cones, obstacles, stairs, volatility, body weights, balls, ball joints, wreaths, ribbons, little animals, puzzle, cards, colors, music instruments, structures and equipment related with nutrition and ecology.

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Children move and are meandered  in the exercise space, either individually  in couples or as a team. Music, theater, game, the use of myths and small stories complet the whole program. Our young friends become effortlessly well known with favorite sports and exercise including alternative forms of exercise such as PILATES & YOGA 4 KIDS, steps to traditional dances, acquired a knowledge of nutrition and ecology and much more….

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We want to educate our children…we want to return to movement, to love gymnastics within game thus enabling them to apprehend the deeper meaning of physical movement of the music and the expression of the emotions!!!

Movement is LIFE!!!!!!!

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…this is “FIT SMILEY KIDS”

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