Flying Camel

Exercise of the week!

Opening the chest, opening the heart.

Stand beside your hammock, touch it, feel  the fabric, give it some time to get to know it and feel safe and secure…

Stand in front of your hammock with your back facing it.

Place the fabric just underneath the lower tips of the shoulder blades.

Give your body a slight extension, so that your body leans back on the hammock, bending your knees little by little. Raise your knees of the ground, holding your feet with care and love. Push your feet  away and back lengthening your hip flexors. Keep the core tight to protect the lower back.

Open your chest to the sky, open the throat so that your neck is hanging down towards the ground!


Make sure the fabric stays underneath the lower tips of the shoulder blades. As a result you will have less swinging and less fear. Choose love over fear.

Extend head, cervical and thoracic spine…do not try to arch the lumbar area. Enjoy this position/asana for 5 to 8 breathing circles…breathe in and out only from your nose.

Make sure there is no problem in the lumbar spine, the cervical area and shoulders.


Deepens breathing

Extends the thoracic spine

Strengthens the back and the glutes

Mobilizes the spine, stretches the hips and the shoulders

and at the same time…

-improves self-esteem

-reduces depression symptoms

-teaches us to appreciate and accept others

I open my heart and I accept everything  my self, about this world and about everything else…with love.

Fenia Vracha, Yoga & Pilates Instructor,  AthensTrainers® Associate