Foot Hydromassage With Heat

//Foot Hydromassage With Heat

Hydromassage, bubble, vibration and infrared light in one device.

Hydromassage, bubbles, vibration and infrared light in one unit.
Possibility of enjoying all the beneficial functions individually or in combination.
Heat operation that heats and maintains water up to 48 ° C.

υδρομασάζ ποδιών

Operation for 20/30/40/50/60 minutes.

Special projections – a roller that stimulates the reflex zones on the feet.
Significant improvement in blood circulation, relieves aching joints, reduces accumulation of crystallizations and relieves tired and tired feet.
It has aromacenter for aromatic oils and bath salts.
It is accompanied by special reflex rollers
Softens skin and toenails before a pedicure.
Instructions for use in 10 languages.

Ideal for those who have swollen or frozen feet and for people who are in long standing.


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