Formula for the Promotion of Sleep Sedar

Sedar Formula  is a composition of natural ingredients, which has a relaxant, anxiolytic, and sleep-inducing action.

It regulates the sleep state, unlike benzodiazepines which inhibit the REM condition.

The synthesis of SEDAR reduces stress, tension and irritation, which are caused by sleep inability and restores restful sleep.

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Melatonin: regulates the sleep/awake patterns. It is a hormone produced by the pineal gland of the brain. Melatonin prepares our body for sleep. The synthesis and secretion of melatonin are activated in the dark and deactivated by light. It is involved in the 24-hour cycle of the human body and in the regulation of different body functions.

L-tryptophan: an important amino acid, which is converted in the brain to Serotonin (neurotransmitter that contributes to normal sleep cycle). Serotonin gets consequently metabolized to Melatonin.

Pasiflora, valeriana, hawthorn and escholtsia: increase GABA levels in the brain.

SEDAR FORMULA is recommended in cases of sleep disturbances, stress, irritation and tension caused by the inability or difficulty of sleeping.

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