Health Aid Osteoflex

Flexible joints formula.

The Osteoflex of Iealth Aid contains:
Glucosamine: Helps to rebuild cartilage, is an amino acid
necessary in the production of vital molecules for cell cohesion and
tissues. The deterioration of existing tissue especially around joints requires
continuous “refill” glucosamine daily, to form
new connective tissue.
Chondroitin: Assists in the introduction of nutrients into the cartilage.
Turmeric: Provides natural anti-inflammatory properties.
Vitamin C: Helps maintain and possible formation of collagen and
connective tissue.
Manganese: Necessary for normal skeletal development.


The combination of all the ingredients act synergistically and helps maintain agility of joints. It is particularly useful in cases osteoarthritis, sports injuries and post-operative conditions.
It treats joint pain in middle-aged and elderly people.