Keep fit in 30 minutes with ManosVrontzakis

We met Manos in Mykonos and we decided to follow his exercise routine.

Supposed client: our co-worker Fenia Vracha

Place: our own home

Equipment: a chair, a mat, a resistance band, our body weight and …our good mood!!!!

Are you ready?

Jumping jacks: 3 sets × 20 reps

jumping jacks

Squats on a chair: 3 sets × 15-20 reps


Leg abduction in standing position: 3 sets × 15-20 reps

apagoges podion

Shoulder bridge: 3 sets × 15 reps


Push ups: 3 sets × 12-15 reps

push ups

Low and high rows with the band: 3 sets × 12-15 reps


kopilatiki anoixti

Shoulder abduction: 3 sets × 10-12 reps

apagogi omou

Tricep dips on the chair: 2-3 sets × 12-15 reps


Crunches: 3 sets × 15 reps


Plank: 3 sets × 30″ (hold position)


Back extension: 3 sets × 12 reps

ektaseis kormou

Single leg and arm lift in table top position: 2 sets × 12 reps


And the time to be rewarded for all the effort finally came!!!


End of routine.

Fenia, who is a yoga instructor, felt the effect of Manos’ exercise routine in her body. A little stretching to avoid feeling sore later, and then a dive into the swimming pool!!

Many thanks to Manos Vrontzakis for the time he spent with us and for his “clever” routine which can help you keep fit during you holidays!!!