Keep your mind on Pilates. Keep your body toned and try…..1/2 roll up

Pilates for two…the exercise of the week!

Starting position

In supine position keep your legs straight in a 45° angle off the floor and your feet against your partner’s feet. Keep your arms straight behind and above your head.


Breathe in and as you breathe out lift your head and upper body to the level of the inferior angle of the scapula (i.e. the lower part of your shoulder blade) bringing your arms down next to your hips and close to the mat.

pilates for 2


Keep your shoulders down and back, away from the ears. Close your ribs and pull your navel in towards the spine. Leave a small gap between your jaw and your chest.

Sofia Papageorga, Yoga &  Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer, AthensTrainers Associate