Keep your mind on Pilates. Keep your body toned and try…..Aerial Pilates® hip extension/leg curls    

Exercise of the week!

An ideal exercise for core, thighs, buttocks and pelvis with the use of a hammock…

What do you think? I believe you should try it!!!

Starting position
Supine position, legs extended close together, feet on the hammock, arms by your sides on the mat. Inhale and during exhalation lift your pelvis, extending up from your hips until your feet, hips and shoulders form a straight line.

Inhale and bend your legs  at hips and knees joint, exhale extending  your legs keeping your pelvis lifted.


  • Shoulders down
  • Chest boosted
  • PH in and up
  • Legs are elongated, contrary to PH
  • Pelvis remains lifted during the whole exercise
  • Arms tend to be long… elongated