Keep your mind on Pilates. Keep your body toned and try…..teaser

Exercise of the week!An exercise that aims at teasers! Experiment with your balance.

Starting position

Supine position, legs in Pilates Stance position (heels together with the toes pointing slightly out) extended to a 45 degree angle. Arms extended above your head.


Inhale and during exhalation tuck chin, roll upper body off mat until a “V” is created and simultaneously your arms are coming up to parallel your legs



  • Begin the exercise by rolling your head  to the chest in order to avoid tiring your  neck
  • In starting position keep your arms above your ears to avoid lordosis
  • During rolling up engage the PH in and up, belly button towards the spine
  •  In final position keep your chest “open” and shoulders sideways and back, slide your shoulder blades towards the pelvis
  • Elongate the spine upwards while lowering your shoulder blades towards the pelvis
  •  Keep your neck elongated  and your gaze at the eye level
  •  Elongate your legs
  •  Make sure to keep everything to the central line of the body.

Alternatively, you can have your hands parallel to the floor or above your ears during exhalation , while lifting and lowering  your legs, or having a mini ball between the knees or ankles with foot flex or point.

Amprazis Demosthenes, Pilates & Yoga Instructor, AthensTrainers® Associate