Knee pain

The pain in the anterior surface of the knee is a common clinical entity that relates to athletes but also to people who are not engaged in a sport regularly or amateur.The patient reports mainly pain and stiffness in the knee prolonged immobility of joints (prolonged sitting position), or during activities that require bending of the knee such as raising and lowering the ladder, deep kneeling.

πόνος στο γόνατο

In many cases, patellofemoral pain syndrome is due to prolonged and difficult physical activity which causes a particular stress in the joint such as jogging, lifting and lowering the ladder. It can also be due to a sudden change of physical activity such as starting a sport after prolonged abstinence from sports. It can also be due to variation in the frequency of physical activity or duration of fulfilling the example increased kilometers traveled by a runner. The sudden weight gain extra burden joint.

The anterior knee pain may however be due to abnormal slipping patella in substrate the femoral trochlea. In this situation the patella is pushed away from its normal position during knee flexion. This causes increased pressure.

The treatment of the anterior knee pain aims to relieve the patient, the muscle strength of the quadriceps muscle in a specific range of motion and a stretching program hamstring muscles.

Conservative treatment includes: Medication with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, dietary supplements, intra-articular injections of autologous PRP growth factors and stem cells, physiotherapy and rehabilitation program.

The results can be seen after a long time for this reason you need patience and proper guidance from the Orthopaedic surgeon.