Letspap application

Letspap is the first Greek application for women’s health.It informs you on how you can stay healthy and protected from cervical cancer, with a course designed with the scientific support of the Greek Academic Cervical Pathology Study Group (heCPa Group) .With Letspap you are able to know about your cycle precisely, record the symptoms you experience and receive nutrition and exercise tips that will make you feel better.

Download Letspap so you can:

  • have access to a range of active courses for the prevention against cervical cancer and HPV virus
  • record your cycle and be accurately informed about the date of your next cycle and
    ovulation days
  • receive dietary advice related to your symptoms and how you can be relieved
  • be informed about a number of health issues such as diet and exercise by professionals

Are you informed? You are protected. Do it for you!


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