How to Lighten Dark Elbows

Dark elbows and knees make your skin appear uneven. It is a very common issue that can really drain one’s self esteem. Τhe skin in these areas grows thick and naturally adapt a protective layer of dark skin.

To get rid of dark elbows you can use the following natural products:


Cut lemon in two halves and rub one half over both your elbows while squeezing to release the juice. Allow it to remain on your elbows for 15-20 minutes then rinse off with warm water. Repeat this several times a week for best results

Yogurt and Vinegar

Combine a teaspoon of yogurt and white vinegar to get a smooth paste. Apply the paste on the elbows and allow it to dry. Rinse off with warm water, pat dry and moisturize.

Baking Soda

Mix baking soda with milk or water to make a paste.  Apply it on the elbows and knees while rubbing in circular motions for 3 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water, pat dry and moisturize.