Morning training using a bench in a park part II

Are you ready for the second part of “Green Training”?

Let’s go to the nearest park, your “personal gym”…

Do not forget your backpack, a towel, an elastic band…and your “best mood”!!!!

Chest and Back Exercises

Follow a circuit program :

Push ups on the back of the bench 12 reps

Climber running  12 reps and

Combination of wide & close grip row, adjusting the elastic band to a fixed point 12 reps

Repeat the cycle once or twice.



Lie down on the bench and follow a circuit program for the abs too, 12 reps each exercise:

Sit ups/crunches

Obliques/Cross crunches

Leg raises

Plank for 30”

Opposite arm leg (table position)

pagaki 3

pagaki 4

…training to be continued…

Grogoris Dogas, Prsonal Trainer, Seminar lecturer, AthensTrainers® Associate


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