Mothers all over the world “unite”!

Among the indescribable joy of giving birth to a child, young mothers often worry about whether they will be able to get back in shape. But there’s a tummy that pops , pants that won’t buckle ,burdened middle and lower back pain.

There is no worry… with the right exercises and patience they will make progress and  they’ll feel relieved of all body pains. Breathing according to Pilates method will restore rectus abdominis, which has dissociated due to pregnancy where the damage varies from woman to woman.

Sit on chair or on a big exercise ball and place feet hip width apart and hands on your ribs. Inhale from nose, feeling the air in the chest, avoiding to inflate the abdomen and during exhalation pull navel towards the spine,imagine a zipper that closes from the pubic bone to the sternum.You should practice your pelvic muscles that have been burdened by pregnancy and childbirth. You can also put a mini ball between the legs to activate the adductors muscles as well.

keep the same starting position, extend the arms in front of your chest and parallel with the ground, anad breathe in elongating the spine. Perform posterior tilt of the pelvis while exhaling  as though you want to move the ball underneath you but without letting the upper back curve. This exercise will relieve and “soften”/stretch  the lumbar spine.

“Diamond” exercise improves posture and relieves back  pain. From a seated position with crossed legs, straight back and arms up with elbows bent, breathe in and during the exhalation drive elbows at waist height. Squeeze shoulder blades together and let shoulders slope down.

Breathing in all the exercises follow the rules we described at the beginning.

Vasia Chani,  AthensTrainers® Associate , Pilates Instructor ” AthensTrainers® Ultimate Pilates System®”