Motivation to hit the mat and flex your abs… Runtastic Six Pack Abs App

Runtastic, one of the biggest names in the fitness tech space, has a whole line of apps designed to get your body in shape. The latest, Runtastic Six Pack Abs (free; $4.99 in-app purchase needed to unlock all features and remove ads), targets the tummy, and it can be pretty hardcore. It can also be more gentle experience, depending on the training plan you pick or the customized workout you piece together yourself.

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The Six Pack Abs app shows you videos of an avatar doing the moves that you’re asked to do, too. A voice coach announces the next exercise and number of repetitions, then counts them down as you work out.  you can leave the phone to the side while you crunch. You can choose to have a male or female coach in English or German, and male voices are also included in Spanish, Italian, French, and Japanese. The audio cues help control the pace at which you execute the moves.

You have 3 level plans but you can choose a pre-set training plan or create your own workouts by selecting the moves you want to do and the number of sets and reps. Customize a “Quickie Abs” workout, and save it in the app, for days when you need to power through some exercise but don’t have time or energy to do the prescribed routine.

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When you customize your own routine, you can actually see all the exercises the app has to offer, and you can filter based on level of difficulty as well as which muscle groups they target (obliques, upper abdominals, lower abdominals).

The free Six Pack Abs app comes with “motivational” music, which you can leave on, turn off, or swap out for your own playlist saved locally on your iPhone. In-app purchases give you access to more Runtastic music: dupstep, funky, hip-hop, house, and rock (99 cents each).

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If you use a compatible TV, you can broadcast your workout wirelessly to watch it on the big screen while you crunch your way to a six pack.

One nice feature:  If you allow reminders, the app will send you a notification to do your workout.

At the end of each workout, the app asks, “Do you want to go the extra mile?” which is to say, “complete one more set of an exercise chosen for you”.


If you’re in need of some motivation to hit the mat and flex your abs, Runtastic’s Six Pack Abs will specifically do that. It’s niche in that regard. If you’re looking for a more comprehensive training app that will hit more muscle groups, try GAIN Fitness (freemium).


Varvara Solomonidou,Wellness Specialist, Personal Trainer, Seminar & Conference Lecturer, Pilates Master Trainer “AthensTrainers® Ultimate Pilates System®”, General Manager & Owner of AthensTrainers®

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