NordicTrack Vault Home Gym

Pairing reflexive training and custom workout accessories with iFit interactive workouts, the NordicTrack Vault premier home gym keeps you fit.

In fact, you can get incredible trainer-led workouts from the comfort of your own home with this premier home gym. With the mirrored design, the NordicTrack Vault lets you see your form, posture, and movements. The 60″ oversized mirror gives you immediate visual feedback, so you can match your movements to your trainer’s.


The mirror actually rotates 360 degrees, letting you always see both your trainer and yourself. With the iFit workout storage, you’ll get access to strength, HIIT, yoga, and more—all led by iFit trainers on the 32″ smart HD touchscreen. The more than 400 square inches of touchscreen let you easily navigate the workout library. Furthermore, the Vault has built-in storage for your training gear like weights, bands, and more.

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