Nutrition and Antiaging

Aging is caused by “free radicals” which attack the body’s cells, oxidize the resulting altered or destroyed.
The diet against aging essentially based both on the consumption of foods containing antioxidants and keep our new, second in avoiding foods that enhance the oxidation process.

What foods keep us young

Fruits contain a wealth of antioxidant vitamins and flavonoids which protect the body from oxidation.

Vegetables also contain a wealth of antioxidants vitamins

Olive oil contains vitamin E and polyphenols that enhance the antioxidant defense of the body

Chocolate contains flavonoids which protect the body from oxidation.

Tea contains polyphenols and tannins which are involved in the antioxidant protection of the body

The red wine is very rich in antioxidants and contains resveratrol, a major antioxidant. Recommended consumption of up to 2 cups a day for males and up to 1 glass a day for women.

Of course the water is an important ally against aging and we must ensure that we are daily daily hydration.

Finally, the decrease in daily caloric intake by 20 to 30% appears to be able to significantly delay the aging process.

Which foods we age faster

The saturated fat contained in foods such as red meat, full-fat cheeses, whole milk, butter and margarine both charged our cardiovascular system and promotes oxidation in the body cells.
Sugar consumption is considered to lead to a reduction in the recruitment of other nutritious foods and thus indirectly leads to faster aging body.

Anti-Aging Tips

1) Eat healthily
2) Moisturize our organization
3) care to fill 7-8 hours of sleep daily
4) Stop smoking
5) We make sure we practice daily







Christina Mpalamoti MSc,  AthensTrainers® Associate