Nutrition and mood

The fact is that food is associated with mood and by extension our mental health with bidirectional manner.

For example if we have a bad mood or bad psychology may resort to food to feel better. The food itself improves mood because neurotransmitter secreted in the brain associated with mood!

But what are those nutrients from foods that contribute to good mood and psychology?

  • Tyrosine contained in egg, cheese, meat, fish and seafood
  • Foods that contain carbohydrates (fruits, rice, pasta, potatoes)
  • Vitamin D in milk, cheese and yogurt as well as folic acid contained primarily in spinach, and orange and tryptophan contained in chocolate.
  • The omega-3 fats contained in fish and nuts
  • Selenium contained mainly in cereals and sunflower
  • Alcohol consumption appears to have mild relaxing effect and beneficial effect on human psychology.

What to avoid

  • Caffeine: excessive consumption can cause nervousness
  • Alcohol: large amounts may increase anxiety and cause sleep disorders
  • Nicotine: actually increases anxiety levels

Christina Mpalamoti MSc, AthensTrainers® Associate