Nutrition, Exercise and Health-the road to success-Floisvos Park

Our appointment was at 09:30am on October 16 at Floisvos Park. Classes 3 and 4 of the 11th Moschato Elementary school arrived at the park to participate in two presentations of our educational program “Nutrition , Exercise and Health-the road to success“.

The “AthensTrainers Team” was there to welcome our young friends who arrived eager and full of curiosity to participate, learn and be amused through the adventures of the story’s heroes. The children discovered “the hidden secret” by helping the heroes.

Our younger friends arrived on the morning of the 17th of October from the International School of Piraeus Kindergarten. The children were separated into three teams , competed in various athletic activities during the journey to the land of nutrition and exercise. Knowledge obtained through lots of play; they discovered together with the heroes of our Educational Program the secret of “Good Health”.

The only certainty was that everyone was a winner because the all discovered the big secret!