Oil Pulling: A Detoxification Method

Oil pulling is an ancient,  folk remedy claimed to detoxify your body.

Oil pulling can be beneficial for many disorders, such as blood diseases, lung and liver disorders, tooth and gum diseases, headaches, skin diseases, anorexia, heart and kidney diseases.

Make sure you use good quality organic cold pressed oil.


First thing after you awaken,  put a tablespoon of  oil in your mouth and swish it around, breathing through your nose and working or “pulling” the oil around your teeth. Do this  for 3-4 minutes.This can cause a release of mucous from your sinuses, and if you need to, spit out the oil and then take another spoonful.

After you spit out the oil, which will be thin and white colored, you should rinse your mouth thoroughly with warm salt water. Never swallow the oil as it is loaded with toxins. After you rinse with salt-water, brush your teeth.


Source: nutritionaltherapy.com