Omniball rolling workout ball

Improve your fitness experience with the Omniball rolling workout ball.

Invented by 2020 IDEA Instructor of the Year Finalist, Aileen Sheron, this fitness device is available in two- and four-pound options and attaches to your hands or feet. Then, you can use this rolling fitness ball for both traditional and functional training.


It’ll help you improve strength, build stamina, and increase flexibility whether you’re a beginner fitness enthusiast or a professional athlete. Use it for everything from yoga to cardio and core exercises to flexibility training. The ball moves a full 360 degrees to provide an incredible range of motion without any linear limitations.

Furthermore, this rolling workout ball promotes hand-eye coordination and engages all of your muscles, even often-ignored smaller ones. Coming with two workout videos, it’s truly a well-rounded fitness gadget that can also help you improve your mental acuity and cognitive function!

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